What You Should Know About Bangkok International School

international school bangkok

International schools in Bangkok have been in existence since 1957.  and there is now a huge range of pre-schools, kindergartens, secondary schools and international programs at tertiary level. Many of the students attending Bangkok international schools are either multi-nationals or children from wealthy homes in Thailand, many of whom have a Thai-Chinese background.

Bangkok undoubtedly has a high number of international schools in operation. While majority of the schools run either an American or British curriculum, curriculum and have a multi-national intake, some follow the curriculum of Australian, Japanese, Swiss, Singaporean, French, Chinese, Spanish, and German based schools.

The school calendar of Bangkok international school differs from Thai academic calendar which runs from mid May through mid March. Different Bangkok International school run their school year based on the national curriculum they follow, which varies between mid August or early September to late June or early July. No matter the curriculum used, international schools in Bangkok are mandated to teach Thai Studies. This is a required of them by the Thai Ministry of Education and regardless of the curriculum an international school in Bangkok follows; their students must offer courses in Thai language and Thai cultural studies.

Though Bangkok’s International schools come with a high price tag, they offer high quality education to their students. The teaching methods adopted in international schools are learning centered, with emphasis laid on developing independent learners.

For parents looking for Bangkok international school that provides special assistance to their students, you can find international schools in Bangkok with special assistance support center. Such schools provide assistance to parents, in seeking professional help for children with special needs. There are some that can also provide assistance to students attending other international schools.

There are a few international schools that offer tri-lingual education, while most offer bilingual education.  Over the years, the Chinese language has become fastest growing foreign language currently studied in international schools in Thailand, asides English language. This is mainly due to the expanding economic strength of China in the global market.
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