Cell Phone Recycling

This is a sponsored post. Did you know that your old mobile phone contains toxic metals? If you have old or unused phones in your home, don’t throw them in the trash. It’s time for you to become a responsible cell phone owner. Instead, you can have these phones recycled. So what is cell phone


Xbox 360 250GB With Kinect

This XB0x360 is black, more compact and sleeker than previous xbox’s. It makes less fan noise and doesn’t get as hot as previous XBox models. As for hard drive space, this one has a 250GB hard drive. It includes built-in wifi to connect to Xbox Live. In the package you’ll find a matching black controller


Samsung Galaxy S

Here’s some basic specs on the Samsung Galaxy S. You may also know this phone as the Samsung Fascinate from Verizon, the Samsung Vibrant from T-Mobile and the Samsung Captivate from AT&T. Screen The display is 4 inches at 800×480 resolution. The colors are vivid and the screen is bright which means you can easily


The White iPhone 4: Worth An Upgrade?

The wait is over, Apple fans. Finally, the moment you have been waiting for has arrived. No, the iPhone 5 is not out (nor is there a definite release date for it yet). Instead, I’m referring to the white iPhone 4 belatedly hitting our shelves, nearly a year after the black version graced our presence.